500 Series bullet trains developed in Japan

The 500 Series {Shinkansen}, the latest version of the bullet trains developed by West Japan Railway Company, started services with one round trip a day between Shin-osaka and Hakata in March 1997. In November that year, the operation was expanded to a practical level: the service distance was extended to connect between Tokyo and Hakata and the number of runs was increased. The 500 Series has attained the world’s fastest operating speed of 300 km/h (186 mph), which equals the TGV of France, and it travels between Tokyo and Hakata in four hours and fifty minutes, 15 minutes shorter than the previous 300 Series does. It also recorded the fastest average operating speed between two stations, and thus edged ahead of the TGV in this ranking.Indispensable to contemporary society, high-speed railways offer seemingly incompatible benefits; high-speed performance and friendliness to people and the environment. This is the design concept of the 500 Series Bullet Trains. The train body with a long nose and a circular cross-sectional shape offers higher aerodynamic performance and less noise. Many other designs were newly devised to reduce environmental impacts along the railway and to increase passenger comfort: for example, wing-shaped pantographs make much less noise than traditionally-shaped ones, and brazed aluminum honeycomb panels for the wall and floor sections of the car body help reduce the noise in cabins because the material has low sound transmissivity.  


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Internet Research Utility

I want to keep all the valuable information saved I  find on the internet to make sure that it is with me when I need it.Information which is available on internet today may not be seen tomorrow.Fortunately I had an eye over a very important tool Keepoint while I was navigating.I came across a software Keepoint that lets me to save all my internet gatherings.Keepoint is a web information management tool ,a web research engine, which enables to save ,annotate ,organize ,share ,import and export your carefully searched web information and get productive with it. It provides a complete suite of features for gathering, organizing, and sharing your valuable web research. It eliminates the costs otherwise involved in printing, filing, sorting, managing, and sometimes even losing important information. Keepoint turbocharges your research, making the internet a truly rich resource that it was envisioned to be.

World’s Top Cell Phones

Top 5 Best Prepaid Cell Phones

Kyocera Slider Sonic

Nokia 6101

Nokia 6010

Sanyo 200

Sony Ericsson z300a


Top 3 Camera Phones

Nokia N90

Nokia 6682

Samsung a950


Top 3 Free Cell Phones

Sony Ericsson W600

Nokia 6101

Motorola v188


Top 3 Best Cheap Cell Phones Currently Available

Nokia 6133

LG VX8300

Nokia 6016i


Top 4 Cell Phones With Do-it-yourself Programmable Ringtones

Nokia N90

Motorola V3

Samsung T809

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Organize Web Content

The vast amount of social and behavioral information potentially available on the Internet has made it a prime target for researchers . All research (whether quantitative or qualitative) is almost based on Internet research . Its increased use and accessibility have led to a burgeoning of cyber activities, where people of different profession transcend geographical barriers ,communicate and access a range of subjects, some trivial, some controversial, and some intensely private. In order to make perfect use of Internet information,Need of Internet Research Software arised. And that is how Keepoint got its place as an Internet research software to save any web content and manage them thus aiding scientific communities and other online researchers to  concentrate on their research rather than breaking head in saving and organizing those web information gatherings.Keepoint enables you to organize web content, selected web content and information with an unprecedented flexibility.

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Keep Found Things Found with Keepoint

The challenge for the individual is—Keeping Found Things Found. Although an Internet is a big storehouse of information, it sometimes seems opaque if information is not available front hand.  Many a times I seldom have time to spend hours on Web-based task. With the advent of Internet as a vast resource of information, there is also growth of online data capture softwares. Internet provides a variety of current and quality resources. Web content management softwares provide an automated information collection thus saving manual time which otherwise is wasted. Labor savings over capturing information from Internet can be considerable. Web Research software helps me in Re-finding information on the Web that I had located during the observations. I have been playing with Keepoint from the last few days and found it amazing in its features. It is Ideal for students, researchers and anyone who wants to collect and organize information from the Internet. Major enterprises such as research companies and financial institutions have made significant advantage of this Tool.

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Save organize and share your Valuable Internet search

Fear of Losing Internet searched data was one of the most common problems with Web browsing when I was in School days. Its Really hard keeping track of Every link and content in search results that too in organized way without any   Information management tool  .  Information management tool    is concerned with saving time and cost involved in finding the right information for subsequent re-access and re-use.

Save and share your knowledge with others

I just got relaxed after I got Web Research Software to save web page I find interesting.I usually spend some time entertaining music,gossips of hollywood and bollywood,movies review kinda stuff.To share those gossips with my friend circle I just save them using keepoint and share it.Keepoint has a Keep this page feature to save your Internet stuff to view them later or to share them with others For more visit any webpage in http://www.planetbollywood.com/displayArticle.php?id=073006014539

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Upcoming Technologies in Internet






Research tools

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Web Content Management Software

Web Content Management Software does Web Content Management .But what does it mean. It is to save web contents ,integrate and organize them properly. By assigning keywords to them we can keep track of them. We can even export or send the content by email.Sharing Of content between team or workgroup is also possible. Extract and save only the necessary information from a web page. Will Tell you more in my next blog. Rightnow I am saving something very important I just found.Bye for Now

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Internet Resources and Statistics

Brief yet complete Internet world
Here is a list of facts saying about Internet statistics around the world.
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